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Amaya Jenova Nastassia Remainder
168 gp 40 gp, 1 sp 196 gp, 6 sp,6 cp 2 sp

Session 25

  • Duergar Guards – Six +1 ranseurs

Session 26

  • Derek Warcaller – “Thalkainen” (+2 greater striking cold iron bastard sword), Derek’s Ring of Missed Meals (ring of sustenance)
  • Guardroom – cassock of devotion (Sarenrae), greater choker of elocution (Dwarven, Infernal, Jotun)

Session 27

  • Wraiths – “Assaulter” (+2 greater striking returning dagger), moderate potion of sonic resistance, and a spell scroll (passwall)
  • Destrachan – greater ring of electricity resistance
  • Zombie Dragon – greater boots of elvenkind, greater cloak of elvenkind, moderate potion of acid resistance, greater potion of disguise, spell scroll of stone tell, gems and trade bars (1,500 gp total value)


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