Tag: Witch


  • Familiar

    our patron has sent you a familiar, a mystical creature that teaches you and facilitates your spells. This familiar follows the rules here, though as its a direct conduit between you and your

  • Hexes

    Your patron and familiar teach you special spells called hexes. A hex is a short-term effect drawn directly from your patrons magic. As such, you can cast only one hex each turn; attempts to cast a second hex spell on that turn fail and the

  • Patron

    You werent born with the power to cast spells, nor have you spent years in devotion to tomes, deities, or mystical secrets. Your power comes through a potent being that has chosen you as their vessel to carry forth some agenda in the world. This

  • Witch Spellcasting

    Using your familiar as a conduit, your patron provides you the power to cast spells. You can cast spells using the Cast a Spell activity, and you can supply material, somatic, and verbal components when casting spells.

    At 1st level, you can

  • Magical Fortitude

    Your patrons power boosts your physical resiliency. Your proficiency rank for Fortitude saves increases to expert.