Burgeoning Pop Star


Female Human (Skilled) Oracle 14
Neutral Good Medium (Human, Humanoid) Fortune Teller
Perception +20 E
Languages Common, Elven, Halfling, Abyssal

AC 33 (+2 Chain Shirt, +3 Dex, +14 lvl, +4 expert, +2 item)
HP 148
Fort +20 E Ref +22 E Will +22 M
Resist Physical 9
Hero Points 3

Speed 30 feet
Melee Greater Staff of Healing +19 (2 Handed d8), Damage 1d4 Bludgeoning
Ranged Ray of Frost +23 Damage 7d4+5 cold
Ranged Moonbeam +23 Damage 7d6 Fire,Silver, Dazzled 1 round on success, 1 minute on critical success

Focus Spells Moonbeam, Spray of Stars, Vision of Weakness, Interstellar Void, Debilitating Dichotomy

Focus Points 3

Divine Innate Spells DC 33

Signature Spells Heal, Restoration, Searing Light, Enervation, Death Ward, Field of Life, Regeneration

Spell Slots 1st – 3, 2nd – 3, 3rd – 3, 4th – 3, 5th -3, 6th -3, 7th – 3

Spells Known DC 33, attack +23
Cantrips – Dancing Lights, Guidance, Message, Prestidigitation, Ray of Frost, Read Aura, Sigil, Stabilize
1st – Heal, Sanctuary, Command
2nd – Augury, Restoration, Sound Burst
3rd – Searing Light, Neutralize Poison, Locate
4th – Enervation, Freedom of Movement

Abilities Str 10 (+0), Dex 18 (+4), Con 14 (+2), Int 12 (+1), Wis 14 (+2), Cha 20 (+5)
Ancestry Feats Saoc Astrology (3x/day roll 1d8 before a skill check. Gain bonus or penalty on result of the d8 roll), Adapted Cantrip – Ray of Frost
Class Feats Cantrip Expansion, Vision of Weakness, Advanced Revelation – Insterstellar Void, Debilitating Dichotomy
General Feats Fleet, Incredible Initiative
Skill Feats Distracting Performance, Group Impression, Oddity Identification, Glad-Hand, Steady Balance

Master Skills Diplomacy +18,
Expert Skills Performance +16, Religion +13,
Trained Skills Acrobatics +12, Deception +14, Fortune Telling Lore +11, Nature +11, Occultism +11, Society +11,

Class Features Cosmos Mystery, Divine Spellcasting, Spell Repertoire, Signature Spells, Expert Spellcaster, Resolve
Master Will
Expert Spellcasting
Trained Perception; Fort, Ref, Simple Weapons, Unarmed attacks, Light Armor, Unarmored

Gear +1 Staff of Healing, 2 2nd level Wands of healing, Bracers of Missile Deflection, Hat of Disguise, Gloves of Storing, Everburning Torch, Minor Healing Potion, Chain Shirt, Adventurer’s Pack, 6 Candles, Belt Pouch, Clothing (Explorers), Clothing (Fine – Fortune Telling outfit), Mirror, Compass
*Coin*163 gp, 1 sp, 0 cp
Bulk Limit 5; Current 4, L6



Mother – Selene – Fortune Teller of some notoriety in Sumberton.
Father’s Brother – Tajic – Amaya’s Father
Older Brother – Orion – Member of the National Army under Captain Donellgan. He’s close with his family, but did not feel the calling to the family business like his sisters.
Older Sister – Aster – Mom and Jenova are dreamers, Aster is down to earth, educated, and shy. She has the ability, but not the personality to be a Fortune Teller. So she helps her mom by handling the books, and operational aspects of business.

CousinAmaya – good friend. Grew up together in Sumberton. Respects her strength and leans on it.
Cousin’s CousinNasti – from different worlds. At the same time she judges her a bit for ignoring obligations, but also is a little jealous of her free spirit. She really likes her, mainly because she’s the kind of person Jenova wishes she could be in the rare moments when the Oracle’s Blessing weighs too heavy on her.

Calamity (The Band)

1. Jamil. Human male. Trained Bard. It’s his band. Plays the lute primarily, but he can play most anything and sometimes uses other string instruments. He writes the songs and manages the band. His dream is to get famous.
2. Renka. Dwarven female. Rocks the wind instruments, mainly flute. She has bartended at many inns and taverns in the area and is usually the one to secure gigs for the band. She’s in it cause it’s a refreshing break from being behind the bar.
3. Dren. – Halfling Male. Jamil’s closest friend since childhood. Plays percussion. Isn’t really a forward thinker. He’s just having fun and letting Jamil be the responsible one.
4. Jenova. – Human Female. Vocals. Has a ton of fun with it, but the band is definitely 3rd in priority after her family (and family business) and her work with her cousins. She thinks getting more famous would be pretty cool, but also kinda hopes they don’t cause she worries she won’t be able to juggle everything like she can now.


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