Connected Musical Artist


Jamil heads the Sumberton-based musical group known as “Calamity.”

Calamity (The Band)

  • Dren. Halfling Male. Jamil’s closest friend since childhood. Plays percussion. Isn’t really a forward thinker. He’s just having fun and letting Jamil be the responsible one.
  • Renka. Dwarven female. Rocks the wind instruments, mainly flute. She has bartended at many inns and taverns in the area and is usually the one to secure gigs for the band. She’s in it cause it’s a refreshing break from being behind the bar.
  • Jenova. Human Female. Vocals. Has a ton of fun with it, but the band is definitely 3rd in priority after her family (and family business) and her work with her cousins. She thinks getting more famous would be pretty cool, but also kinda hopes they don’t cause she worries she won’t be able to juggle everything like she can now.


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