Lovely Knight Luminous


The cousins met Armin Harrak at in Sumberton on 10 Gozran, 4720 AR. The woman explained that the Tajic’s report to the National Army had found its way to her desk, and she wanted to interview them for more firsthand information about the Laboratory and Temple. The women compared notes about Slaughtergarde and provided one another with information.

Armin explained that the Order could not be directly involved in investigating rumors of a demonic complex on Surrinak land, as they were a very old and influential noble family in the Valley of Obelisks. However, if independent agents were to discover something actionable, the Order could come in and clean it up. She even offered to pay the cousins for their trouble.

In the meantime, Armin said the Luminous Order would dispatch knights to further investigate the Laboratory and prevent anyone or anything else from taking up residence.


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