Mild Mannered Beast


Female Human (Half-Elf) Fighter 14
Neutral Good Medium (Elf, Human, Humanoid) Warrior
Perception +23 (M); Darkvision
Initiative +25 (M) (23 perception + 2 circumstance bonus – Battlefield Surveyor)
Languages Common, Dwarven, Elven, Abyssal

AC 35 (10 + 18 proficiency + 1 Dex + 6 item)
HP 218
Fort +25 (M), Ref +21 (E), Will +22 (E)
Hero Points 3

Speed 45 feet
Melee +2 greater striking cold iron bastard sword +28/+23/+18 (Two-Hand d12), Damage 3d8 + 8 slashing
Melee low grade silver shortsword +21/+17/+13 (agile, finesse, versatile S), Damage 1d6 + 8 piercing or slashing
Melee +1 striking cold iron mace +20/+15/+10 ,Damage 2d6 + 7 slashing
Melee +1 striking returning hatchet +25/+21/+17 ,Damage 2d6 + 7 slashing,

Ranged (10 ft) +1 striking returning hatchet +23/+19/+15 ,Damage 2d6 + 7 slashing,
Ranged (30 ft) Javalin_ +22/+17/+12 ,Damage 1d6 + 7 piercing


  • Dual-Handed Assault (Flourish; deal extra damage on a Strike)
  • Snagging Strike (Make a Strike with a free hand; on a hit, the target is flat-footed until the start of your next turn, as long as they are within your hand’s reach)
  • Dueling Parry (gain a +2 circumstance bonus to AC until the start of your next turn as long as you have a free hand)
  • Disarming Stance (gain a +1 circumstance bonus to Athletics checks to Disarm and a +2 circumstance bonus to your Reflex DC when defending against checks to Disarm you. Can attempt to Disarm creatures up to two sizes larger than you)
  • Quick Reversal (1 action; make a melee Strike against a flanking enemy and make a 2nd Strike with the same weapon or unarmed attack against a different enemy that is flanking you. 2nd Strike has the same multiple attack penalty of the initial attack and doesn’t count toward your multiple attack penalty)
  • Elf Step (1 action; step 5 feet twice)
  • Disarming Twist (follow up attack, attack gains success and critical success of the Disarm action, on failure, target is flat-footed until the end of your current turn)
  • Bounce Back (reaction, once per day, trigger: you lose the dying condition). Don’t increase the value of your wounded condition due to losing the dying condition
  • Determination (once per day) – End a condition
  • Sacred Defense (action, once per hour). Attempt a DC 30 Religion check to gain on a successful check 5 temp HP (10 HP on a critical success).

Abilities Str 19 (+4), Dex 14 (+2), Con 18 (+4), Int 14 (+2), Wis 16 (+3), Cha 12 (+1)
Ancestry Feats Nimble Elf (A1), Clever Improviser (Untrained Improvisation) (A5), Elf Step (A9), Bounce Back (A13)
Class Feats Snagging Strike (C1), Dueling Parry (C2), Dual-Handed Assault (C4), Disarming Stance (C6), Blind Fight (C8), Quick Reversal (C9), Disarming Twist (C10), Dueling Dance (C12), Determination (C14)
General Feats Toughness (G3), Fast Recovery (G7), Fleet (G11)
Skill Feats Intimidating Glare (B), Hefty Hauler (S2), Group Coercion (S4), Assurance (Medicine) (S6), Continual Recovery (S8), Ward Medic (S10), Water Sprint (S12), Sacred Defense (S14)
Archetype Feats Knight Vigilant (A6), Unshakable Idealism (A8)

Master Skills Athletics +24, Medicine +23, Religion +23
Expert Skills Survival +22,
Trained Skills Acrobatics +18, Intimidation +17, Lore (Warfare) +18, Occultism +18

Class Features Attack of Opportunity, Shield Block, Bravery, Fighter Weapon Mastery (Swords), Battlefield Surveyor, Weapon Specialization, Combat Flexibility, Juggernaut, Armor Expertise, Fighter Expertise, Weapon Legend
Legendary Swords
Master Perception; Fort, Martial and Simple Weapons and Unarmed
Expert Ref, Will, All armor

Gear Thalkainen (+2 greater striking cold iron bastard sword), +1 striking bastard sword, +1 striking cold iron mace, low grade silver shortsword, Celestial Armor, bracers of missile deflection, coyote cloak, everburning torch, adventurer’s pack, grappling hook, sheath, bandolier, Healer’s Tools, Bag of Holding, Iron Medallion, Belt of the Five Kings, Earthsight Box, cassock of devotion, Greater Boots of Bounding, Greater Ring of Energy Resistance, Javelin

Coin 168 GP
Bulk Limit 11; Current 5, L4



Elven mother – Selvala – Medic/healer for the National Army, follower/priestess(?) of Sarenrae.
Human father – Tajic – Sergeant in the National Army
Half-elf twin sister – Emarra (25) – Medic for the National Army
Half-elf older sister – Marwyn (28) – Scout for the National Army
Half-elf younger sister – Lira (21) – Studying to be a wizard.


Jenova – good friend, grew up together. Enjoys talking/spending time with her and listening to her sing.
Nasti – can be annoying at times, but sees the good buried deep, deep, deep within her. By Sarenrae, she’ll bring it out of her, even if she has to drag it out kicking and screaming.


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