Interlude: The Letter

In which Amaya writes to Nova, Nasti, and Cantor

Dear Oracle, Cat, and Witch:

I hope this letter finds you well. I have arrived at the citadel safely and will return as soon as is possible.

It is quite quaint here and the journey with Armin was most agreeable. Have been making use of their library and training grounds. Have not found any additional information on Slaughtergarde beyond what we already know. Have been informed that their divinations have revealed that another Slaughtergarde location exist, but exact location unknown. Been asked to inform them of any information we come across.

On another note, I have been made a Luminary Captain, and in between my own training and reading at the library, I have begun instructing younglings on swordplay. Most are proving to be quite exemplary. I look forward to their continued growth.

Uncle Iroh arrived yesterday and is quite popular with the knights. He sends his love and this package of his newest tea blend. He would not tell me what it consists of, but he thinks you’ll find it delightful. He is also sending jasmine flavored catnip for Cantor.

Duty calls, so I must be off. I will pen another letter post haste.

Your loving cousin,



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